Monday, December 15, 2014

Make Ginger Wine with Elsie Gabriel….. each gulp is fiery and spicy just right for a cold winter evening…

Come let me take you with me on the wine making journey at home….I have always been passionate about making wine, when I first started out of course they came out like vinegar used for cooking but now I have learned the art and would like to share them with you…so read on if you wish to make good ginger wine at home during the festive season, do not forget to write in and tell me how it all turned out…


Make  Ginger Wine with Elsie Gabriel….. each gulp is fiery and spicy just right for a cold winter evening…


4 tablespoons dried ginger or four pieces of ginger root.
3 to 5 KGs raisins
2 oranges
2 lemons

5 Red dried chilies
1,500 grams sugar/ caramelized for color
Wine yeast
1 gallon of water/ Almost 4 liters

Add cleaned ginger to a saucepan of boiling water and allow to simmer. Also add the oranges which are peeled and sliced, together with lemon zest and simmer for approximately 30 minutes. When it is luke-warm, add the yeast and leave overnight. Add diced raisins or dried grapes in the morning along with the dried red chilies. I make a spicy flavored ginger wine, its unique and savory…

Strain ginger wine mixture and transfer to a clean plastic large bottle container or  winemaking fermentation bucket. Keep the original strained solids and boil once more in more water to ensure that maximum  flavor has been extracted, again simmering for another 15 minutes.
Place everything in any suitable vessel as long as it is very clean.
If you want your ginger wine to be red in color just add caramelized sugar syrup if the dried grapes do not give it sufficient colour.

Stir each morning and evening, for ten days. Strain carefully and transfer ginger wine  into a clear winemaking bottle/jar or any airtight container will do, ensure its airlock. Ferment for six weeks. Drink ginger wine after waiting one year, or longer.

If Christmas is around the corner, and you are in a hurry to say Cheers-simply add Brandy to the mixture and use after you have let the wine settle down and clear. You may use bits of raw papaya to clear the wine hazy look.

I find making wine a terrific hobby. Not only will you have fun making it, you will have fun drinking it!

A bottle of wine makes a wonderful gift. Whether you are going to a friend’s house for dinner or in need of a small holiday gift, a bottle of wine is always a nice touch.

Of course always keep one at home for impromptu guests!The non alcaholic wine is tasty and served to the entire family as well. Enjoy and cheers –happy Holidays.